About Me

My first meeting with yoga was 16 years ago when I participated in the Conference in Poland. All the participants of the conference were staying in Ashram and were fully integrated in its life. Since then yoga became my new passion. I was not practicing regularly, but once a year I was going to Ashram and enjoyed the calmness, spirituality of that place.

In 2010, shortly after the birth of my twins I started to look for the tool which could help me to cope with everyday stress, fatigue, to stay calm and full of energy. Yoga was an escape from family routine. First, I started to meditate in order to find my inner peace and in 2012, after the opening of new studio in Nyon, yoga became a part of my everyday life.

After the year of intensive yoga practices I decided to go for teacher training with YogaLife Foundation and in April 2014 I received my certificate of yoga teacher. Since then, I am giving private classes. As I am interested in Anatomy, natural medicine, I teach my students with an emphasis on proper alignment, I encourage them not to go over limits, to listen what their bodies tell. In some of my classes I use acupressure in order to intensify the effect of asana.

I continue my personal practice of yoga and apart from that I am reading anatomy articles, new discoveries in the field of yoga and human body and I try to introduce some of it into my classes. Yoga brought harmony and balance into my life and I would like to share that experience with my students.


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